Where the MAGICK begins

About Eastwick Paws - Australian Labradoodles

About Eastwick Paws - Australian Labradoodles

William and Susan McDonald of Eastwick Paws are breeders of exceptional Australian Labradoodles. They have been professional breeders since 1991 and are known for breeding strong, healthy, and sociable Australian Labradoodle dogs.

We are a small breeder dedicated to breeding healthy and happy Australian Labradoodle dogs. All of our puppies are born and nurtured in our home with lots of socialization with people and around other animals. We uphold the highest standards of the breed.

Having been, professional breeders since 1991, we have multiple championships in five breeds. The health of our dogs is essential to us, and we put our experience and knowledge together in raising them with the best possible care.

We breed only strong and healthy dogs with our long term experience. We strive and believe in authenticity, honesty, integrity, and responsibility. Through our business dealings and beyond, we hope you consider us as both breeder and friend. Adopting one of our dogs is like joining our family.

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Autumn and Red

A special dog by your side is something Magick

When your happy they will be by your side to share the happiness, when your sad they will lay in your lap and take the sadness away.

When your sick or ill they will help you forget how sick you are. No matter if you are rich or poor the dog doesn’t care and will always be by your side to help you find your way through life

Let us help you put this Magick into your life with that special puppy from Eastwick Paws